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      Debora Christy

  Certified Consulting Hypnotist


                     Past Life Regressionist

        Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner

Reiki Master & Intuitive Clairvoyant



Heal Yourself Naturally 


Hypnosis is a Proven and Reliable Treatment for Health, Well Being, and Confidence Issues.Through Hypnosis we can tap into our hidden power and dispel fears, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, heal our mind and body and make positive and lasting changes in our lives in order to reach our full potential.


Pain Relief



Stop Smoking

Weight Loss




Self Esteem

Learning Enhancement

Past Life Regressions


 Journey to the Subconscious Mind

That Never Sleeps &  Remembers All

You Have the Answers

A New Perspective Can Reduce Stress

Be Your Best Self

Peaceful & Happier

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 Debora Speaks About Hypnosis



Motivation Package

 You Can Reach Your Goals


Improve Life

What's Holding You Back?








Self Sabotage


Negative Self Talk


Hypnosis Can Help!

 If You Can Believe It...

You Can Achieve It

Personalized for Your Goals and Life

Book Two Regular Sessions $100 ea

Receive One Reinforcement Session


For Weight Loss 4 Sessions Recommended


Call NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Debora Christy

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 Reiki Treatments   

 Relax and enjoy the balancing and healing benefits of Reiki energy or give the gift of a treatment to someone you love. Most treatments are a combination of Reiki and Quantum Touch, depending on your needs.    

                                                    $60.00 /1 hour


                               Quantum Touch Treatments

 Working with the same life force energy, Quantum Touch techniques allow for the safe and painless alignment of body structures such as hips, shoulders, spines etc.  Your body does all the movement itself.  There is absolutely no pressure applied.  Your body knows how to heal itself and needs only the application of the practitioners hands to boost your energy vibration to a higher level.   

                                                          $60.00 /1 hour

                                          Gift Cards Available

Give Someone You Love Renewed Wellness


The Emotion Code

(Distant Healing)  

Using Muscle Testing and

a Magnetic Roller

Hidden and Trapped Emotions

are brought to consciousness

and released

Trapped Emotions are the Cause

of Many Pains, Ailments and

Even Self Sabotage

Clear your trapped emotions

Easily and Painlessly.

See video Demonstrations

in the Articles & Links Page  


Appointments Call

705-722-0455  or  705-768-9471

1 Hour Distant Session $40

Includes email transcript of released trapped emotions and age acquired 



Intuitive Clairvoyant Readings

& Consults

Life Changes, Decisions, Relationships...
All can be overwhelming
We all have the answers we are looking for
they just need to be brought to light. 
Using Intuition and Oracle Cards I tap into the subtle energies that each of  us generate.  I can help you see the patterns and reasons of many things that are going on in your life, past, present, and future. It is very important to understand what is going on from a larger metaphysical perspective to know how to make the best decisions for what it is you wish to accomplish

                                 $40 half hour - $70 hour

                                   Appointments only

                           705-722-0455  or  705-768-9471


New Workshops

& Events

See Calendar


                Student & Study

               Hypnosis Special

$80 reg $100

Make Less Study Time More

Improve Memory, Concentration & Grades

Be Relaxed & Calm for Exams

Be Your Best Self

705-722-0455  or  705 768-9471