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Quotes Hi Debbie: "I like to let you know how happy and grateful I am. The hypnosis sessions I did with you for weight loss, were very gentle, professional and enlightening. The approach you used with findding out where the weight gain all started from was brilliant and helped me enormously. I enjoyed the sessions, the fact that I was always in control gave a good feeling, although it was not that important to me, but could be for other clients. To date I have lost 28 pounds and counting (down). Debbie, thank you so much, I can recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to lose weight, and if the treatment had a star rating I would give it 5 stars out of 5." Sincerely, Maria S. Quotes
Maria S,
Weight Loss

Quotes "It was incredible to see the self imporvements I made. I went from feeling nothing to being able to really feel different types of energy across another person. And you made my headaches completely go away after a few minutes." ~Emily Wesson Quotes
Emily Wesson
Reiki Class

Quotes "Debbie is the real deal" and I recommend her to anybody that would like to understand what their true path is and how to get there. She is open honest and has a positive light about her she will not tell you what you want to hear all the time but she will give you insight and a glimpse at what the best moves are to make are along the road of life. I would never see anyone else. Quotes
Jordan J. Engman
Entrepreneur Business Owner

Quotes Over the past two years, regression sessions with Debbie Christy truly liberated me! I had been carrying responsibilities from lives long past that I needed to recognize and release. I was able to work out the karmic connections with certain people in my current life holding me back from expressing my natural loving flow of joy and happiness. Debbie is professional and caring. I most highly recommend her regression sessions. Quotes
Judith Watts, BA Educator, Author, Editor
Past Lives

Quotes Hi Debbie, I contacted you through Kijiji a few months ago (I believe in July if I remember correctly), asking if/when I may conceive a child. I was pretty vague, not even offering tidbits of information about my age, my family, our history or how long my cycles were, etc. Anyway, you told me something along the lines of "a few months, and a boy"... and, well, today I found out I'm expecting! Of course it'll be a while until we find out the sex (if things go well with the pregnancy, that is--it will go okay, right? LOL!), but I just wanted to write you, and tell you how amazing you are! It pains me to admit that I was very, very skeptical when I first contacted you, but I'm now convinced! Thanks so much for your time, Shannon Quotes

Quotes Debbie was so very gentle in my reading . Like she held the door open and I could explore *... Being an Open Member of the Grail Message I was very skeptical on Hypnosis. However when there is someone as gentle and bonifide as Debbie the result can only be positive * and I found I was in complete control only more relaxed :) Like she held the door open when it was taught open only a peep- and then I could explore my heart . Debbie Minnema is a leader in Quantumn Peace* Quotes
Drake Samuel+
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Quotes " I saw Debbie June 19, 2011 for the first time with an injured left hamstring. It was sore and maybe around a quarter the strength. I actually tested the hamstring by playing soccer July 15, 17, 21 & 24th! Needless to say I?m overjoyed with the progress. As an added bonus, something I did not plan whatsoever, is the postural improvements I experienced through Quantum Touch. Finally, I?ve also benefitted from Debbie?s insights and feedback regarding all of this ?energy stuff?. It truly is amazing! Quotes
Dan K.

Quotes " I received a treatment from Debbie in early spring of 2008 and she sensed a problem in my lower bowel region. I arranged a colonoscopy and the specialist found three polyps that he said were in the stage just before turning cancerous. They were removed immediately without any further treatment. Early detection is the key motive." Larry M. Quotes
Larry M.

Quotes "I have had reiki treatments from Debbie and they were AWESOME!!!! I was going through an emotional upset and hadn't slept a complete night for many nights and after the treatment I slept through the night and felt relaxed. Her energy is very healing and the treatment and her voice is also very soothing. I highly recommend her reiki treatments!! " Cindy J. Quotes
Cindy J.

Quotes I found the results of hypnotherapy wonderful. Debbie was able to use her well developed intuitive powers to focus in on reasons I have suffered with co-dependency and lack of self confidence problems for the past 35 years. She guided me through gentle yet powerful affirmations that have removed most of the mental blocks. I now feel I have my life back and am living a fuller, happier and freer me. Best investment I have ever made What a wonderful service. > David C. Quotes
David C.