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Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. Usually the body is relaxed but not always.  If you have the intent and can follow simple instructions you can be hypnotized.  In fact everyone of us has been influenced by power of suggestion at some time, usually without being aware of it. The difference with Hypnosis is that there is a specific intent to heal a part of you that may have been influenced by  negative suggestions or incorrect idea associations at some point in life.  Many healings can occur when new and positive suggestions are given in place of the old.  As with all healing every individual is their own greatest healer.

Hypnosis simply bypasses the conscious thinking part of the mind and speaks directly to the subconscious mind, which never sleeps and remembers all.  You have the answers.

Hypnosis is a proven and reliable treatment for health, well being and confidence issues.  Through hypnosis we can tap into our hidden power, dispel fear, negative emotions and limiting beliefs, heal our mind and body and make positive and lasting changes in our lives allowing us to reach our full potential.


 Past Life Regressions

 Many healings occur when we discover the source of the problem in a past life. Learn about relationships that span lifetimes and discover the answers to heath issues, the causes of fears and strong likes or dislikes in this lifetime. The subconscious mind never sleeps and remembers all. Uncover your answers.



  Reiki Treatments

Two Japanese words meaning Spiritually guided--Life force energy

Reiki energy is Universal Life Force Energy.  It is a safe and natural way to promote healing and balance energy within the mind body and spirit. Laying on of hands  directs the energy to the person receiving.  It can also be sent distantly as energy is not limited by space or distance. 

Reiki can work for anyone and can speed the healing of injuries, lessen pain and unblock energy flows within your aura.  Usually a tingly, warm and radiant glow is felt.


                            Quantum Treatments

Working with the same life force energy, Quantum techniques allow for the safe and painless alignment of body structures such as hips, shoulders, spines etc.  Your body does all the movement itself.  There is absolutely no pressure applied.  Your body knows how to heal itself and needs only the application of the practitioners hands to boost your energy vibration to a higher level. 


The Emotion Code

       Using Muscle Testing and a Nikken Magnetic Roller   

       Hidden and Trapped Emotions are brought to            

       concsiousness and released.

       Trapped Emotions are the Cause of Many Pains,

       Ailments,and even Self Sabbotage.

       Clear your trapped emotions Easily and Painlessly.

       See video Demonstrations in the Links section

For more  indepth information for each of these modalities, please see the Article and Links page